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Darkstar Skateboard Decks

Darkstar Skateboard Decks

Darkstar is one of the best skate decks made.11 Darkstar skate decks are as cool as the company itself.1 Their deck designs are not for lightweights!1 Check them out and see.

Darkstar skateboards employ Armor Light and C.2 technology for enhanced strength, durability and pop.1 These skateboards use the strongest possible carbon composite material and provide twice the pop.1 These 7 ply boards are made of maple veneer layers and are backed by a guarantee11 against breakage.1
Darkstar also produces high quality Master urethane wheels.1

The Darkstar Night Light wheel is very light weight, and the Darkstar Lightning Core Wheel is fast and smooth on any surface.1 Darkstar Dual Durometer wheels are very precise, smooth, and quick,

The Darkstar skate team features top competitors such as Adam Dyet, Chet Thomas, Gailea Momulu, and Paul Machnau.
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